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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book Review Floor Four by A Lopez Jr

Title:  Floor Four
Author:  A. Lopez Jr.
Publication Date:  May 15, 2013

Book Description
The old, abandoned Saint Vincent Hospital is said to be haunted by the ghost of David Henry Coleman, the notorious serial killer, known as The Mangler. Coleman died on the fourth floor after being shot by police. For the three Jr. High boys, their curiosity gets the best of them as they explore the old hospital, despite 'Old Man' Jake's warning. No one knew of Jake's dark connection to the killer and the hospital. And now, on the anniversary of The Mangler's death, a group of high school kids are planning a private party on the haunted fourth floor. Jake must keep everyone out and protect them from the true evil that lurks on Floor Four.

Book Review:  4 out of 5 stars

I put off reading this for awhile, I don't like the idea of Novellas because I love long stories.  However, with horror stories, longer stories seem to drag the life out of a story.

This was a very good story, at the beginning. I LOVE the whole ghost element, with the urban legend, the ghost, the paranormal.  I loved how the author chose to set up the premise of the story. 

I loved the first half of the novella... the second half, not so much.  It was still very well written, and kept moving at a brisk pace, so I wanted to continue reading.  However, with the way the story is set up, there are only two ways the story could go... and then the way Mr. Lopez chose to go.  

It did get to a point that I thought one of the characters would just end things already.  

I would highly recommend this novella.  Very well done!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: Play Dead by Annie Frasier

Title:  Play Dead
Author:  Annie Frasier
Publication Date:  February 25, 2014

Book Description
No one is more familiar with Savannah's dark side than homicide detective and native resident Elise Sandburg. She's been haunted for years by her own mysterious past: she was abandoned as a baby in one of the city's ancient cemeteries, and it's rumored that she is the illegitimate daughter of an infamous Savannah root doctor. The local Gullah culture of voodoo and magic is one that few outsiders can understand, least of all Elise's new partner. Now someone is terrorizing the city, creating real-life zombies by poisoning victims into a conscious paralysis that mimics death. As the chilling case unfolds, Elise is drawn back into the haunted past she's tried so hard to leave behind.

Book Review:  3 out of 5 stars

I'm one of those strange people who love zombies, hoodoo, and New Orleans history and mythology.  This book promised to give me all of that. 
I won't say it failed miserably, but it left me very disappointed by the end.  I'm a simple girl too, lots of time gaps bother me, along with constantly changing the point of view with the story.  Sometimes it can be fine effectively, but in this book, it was done way to frequently, and sometimes it took me a page or so to figure out the POV had changed.
I also think there were to many characters for the author to write about, and still be able to flesh out and give us a reason to care.  There were too many back stories that could have been better developed, and frankly, the whole "Who is Elise's mother" thing wasted time that could have been reserved to make the story more complete.  I did like the characters, but the author made them so complex, that really they needed a whole book devoted just to the character's back story, not crammed into the story.  

Because of this, the story really isn't so much a story. It was more of a character story with a crime story crammed in where it could be.  

Lots of people enjoyed this story, but the problems I saw in it, distracted me too much to get into the book.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

GISHWHES 2014 - Team #USSDestiel

Local team competes for GISHWHES 2014 August 2-9, 2014
Charles Town, WV – July 30, 2014 -- The 5th Annual GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) is starting this weekend, August 2, and will run until midnight on Saturday, August 9.  This year a local team, Team #USSDestiel, will be competing in the international event. Teams consist of 15 people and are comprised of members from all over the Globe.  Last year more than 14,000 people from 69 countries participated in the event.
During the Scavenger Hunt, teams are given a long list of hundreds of tasks to accomplish, with points being awarded for creativity and execution of items. Money raised from the hunt goes directly to Mr. Collins’ charity, Random Acts. 

“We are very excited to be participating in the hunt this year,” says Team Captain, Jennifer Irving.  “Misha’s tasks can be quite challenging, but the idea of the hunt is to get out of our comfort zones and do something that’s NOT normal.”

In past years, tasks have included creating clothing from food, dressing up your car for prom, or having a tea party in an elevator.  Tasks also include larger-scale items such as flash mobs, large pillow fights, and having marching bands performing while spelling out GISHWHES, or having local sanitation workers wear costumes while on their route.  Some tasks have even included items such as having your picture taken next to a particle accelerator or having a member of Congress wear a sock monkey hat.

Not all tasks are silly, though. Previous items have included giving coats to homeless shelters, getting kids to clean up trash on the beach, keeping someone company during dialysis treatment and other exercises that help people in our community.

“Last year’s winning team had the support of businesses and media in Seattle, to help them achieve tasks, and I’m convinced that the people of DC could help push our team over the top,” says teammate Sarah Brennan.

Team #USSDestiel would like to invite as many people as possible to get involved by coming out to participate in tasks the week of August 2-9.  The team will be updating their Twitter account to keep people up to date on challenges they’re competing, or putting out calls for help.  You can keep up with their progress at http://www.twitter.com/TeamUSSDestiel.

 For more information on the event in general, you can visit the GISHWHES site at http://www.gishwhes.com or Random Acts at http://therandomact.org

Contact Name:  Jennifer@mill-irving
Contact Phone:  703-969-5292

Saturday, July 13, 2013

When do children lose their innocence?

Is it in tiny increments?

Is it all at one time?

I have made quite an effort to keep my children sheltered. There are reasons, both good and bad about doing this.  

I grew up terrorized by classmates.  I don't want that to happen to the boys.  Kids pick on other kids for anything as stupid as having red hair, much less children with anxiety and autism, and who's behavior isn't quite the same as peers.  I have been vigilant in addressing anything I think is bullying.

The last few days, I've been getting snippets from Jamie.  He's afraid of looking stupid.  He's afraid people will make fun of him.

It's driving me crazy.  He's 8.  He should be enjoying dressing up like a cow for Chick-Fil-A Day.  Not worrying if people will think he looks stupid.

I hate that the world has turned my beautiful, innocent babies and are slowly turning them into cuss-word-hearing, self-doubting children.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The life and times of a stressed out momma

My life was alot simpler a year ago.  

I was planning the summer of fun with the boys.  A chance to reconnect with them, and spend time with them.  Try to be the kewl mom again, show how fun I can be.  I dyed my hair pink.  Took them to the pool every week, let them be a wizard with Harry Potter.

This year, I have a dad with terminal cancer, who has spent the last 2 months in hospitals and rehab.  Who was released last Tuesday, to be admitted back to the hospital with kidney failure less than 48 hours later.  He got out of the hospital Sunday evening, and again barely less than 48 hours later, he's being admitted for renal failure again.

We had to finally break the news to the boys tonight that he has cancer.  That's why he's been in the hospital so much, and why we'll likely have him in and out of the hospital all summer long.  Maybe it will make them more patient with our having to run around doing errands for my dad and step-mother.  

But we can't hide it any longer.  They need to know.  We need to start preparing Iain for the loss of his Pop. Pop had lunch with him every day for the first 4 years of his life.  And most of the first 3, he spent curled up in Pop's lap.

And now I'm trying to run a business at the same time.  Trying to make money for my family.  Trying to find something to keep me sane in the midst of all this calamity.

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